Thursday, August 9, 2012


Hi all!!

I hope everyone is having a great day!!

It's been raining here so much, that our chickens need rafts! teehee Maybe, just maybe, the weatherman is right and it's going to give us a break...but not until this weekend...UGHHHH! More rain today, tonight and tomorrow! This weekend is supposed to be HOT with no rain...which, where I live just translates into  STEAMY!!

Anywho...I joined an altered charm swap over at Ink Stains a month or so ago...the categories were general and Halloween (5 of each) and I should be receiving my return charms soon...can't wait!!! Mind you, I have never done anything just like this of course, I just HAD to try BOTH...sheesh, what was I thinking!!! I had tons of fun, though!! Here are some pics of the charms I created...I won't get my own back, and didn't make one for myself, but that's completely okay with me...I have pics!

 Here is my "General Charm"
I took and old gift card, cut it up, added decorative papers and crackle medium along with some distressing inks and various stamped images, and used it for the main part of the charm The "vial" on there is a fuse that I colored the glass and stamped on it with solvent ink to make it look like it had a label and then wrapped silver wire around it to create a hanger. The whole concept of this was a perfume sample...I hope I accomplished it...LOL

This is my "Halloween charm"
For this one I printed a vintage graphic I found for free on the internet and a digi paper I purchased, layered those back to back between craft plastic, "soldered" the edges with pewter embossing powder, punched the holes and added the clasp and dangly parts.

This was really a ton of fun! I hope to do even more of this kind of thing...thinking about Christmas gifts now!

If you have stuck through here this long, then I truly appreciate you!!

I thank you for taking some time from you busy day to stop by for a few and I hope to see you again soon!!

I pray you have a blessed and creative day!

Until later,