Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas

I wanted to take a moment and thank each of you for stopping by this year. I am so appreciative for each one of you!

I hope and pray that you all have a very Merry Christmas and that you are surrounded by those you love. I wish you peace, joy, hope and love on this most Holy of Days. May God bless each of you and those you hold dear with His grace and love and keep you safe.

Until later,


Friday, December 14, 2012

Sharing some EXCITING NEWS....

Hi all!

First of all, my heart and prayers go out to those affected by this senseless tragedy in Connecticut. May God hold them in his arms and lessen the pain that has been afflicted upon them by a sick individual. If you are a faith based individual, please a moment and say a prayer. Thank you.

Okay...now, on to the good stuff!!!

I have some exciting news to share and here is a small part of the announcement...copied from Penny Duncan's blog (with her permission, of course!)

Please go to her blog and read the greatest news!!!!

I hope you will stop by again soon. Until then, have a blessed and creative day!


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

It's that time of year again...

Hello Everyone!

I trust you all had a great Thanksgiving (those here in the US) and a fabulous Black Friday with all of the shopping and sales going on. Lots and lots of good buys out there...not to mention Cyber Monday and shopping in the pjs with a nice cuppa...now that is my kind of shopping! No crowds, no pushing or shoving...just putting it in my cart and pushing the purchase button, oh my...and my bank account is proof of that! LOL

I've been pretty busy lately with making Thanksgiving cards and cooking and all of the fantastic stuff that goes along with that holiday...now on to the next big one.....CHRISTMAS....woohoo!! I have the cards (most of them anyway - LOL) made and the music flowing through the house...can you hear it?!? Mmmmm, loving me some Bing Crosby, his voice flows like melted chocolate...and I L-O-V-E chocolate! Haven't taken the decorations out or bought a tree...I try to wait until December 1st to do that. And that, my friend, is this weekend!!!! Are you ready, huh...huh...are ya?

Okay, I have some projects that I've been working on that I can't share just yet, one is a Secret Santa gift for a friend on the That's Scrap Forum RAK list- so I will have to wait to share that one, because as soon as it's seen...those in the "exchange" will know exactly who it's for!!! LOL Buuutttttttt, I do have some pics of some of the cards I made this year for Christmas, so those I will share...forewarning...picture heavy!

 Sorry, didn't realize some of them weren't very clear!

Anything that was cut, paper wise, was done so using my Silver Bullet Professional that can be purchased  from Sherri at That's Scrap, Inc. A-W-E-S-O-M-E machine by the way!!!!! See those reindeer antlers??? Those are cardstock...YES cardstock, not regular paper!!! This is on an A2 card, so those are really thin and those teeth...hahaha, those are 110# cardstock by Georgia Pacific. They are about 1/16th inch wide and 1/8th inch long, and all of it was cut at V800 F105 on my Silver Bullet! Did I say it was an AWESOME machine, or what??

I have to give props to Pinterest for some of the ideas that lead to some of the cards. I just love Pinterest, it's like one stop shopping!!

Well, if you have lasted to the end of this post, I really appreciate you taking some time from your day and visiting with me. I hope you will stop by again real soon, and I will do my best to post again soon (not take a month or two off - I'm so sorry - really, I am - I've been busy and productive - just haven't posted).  

I wish you a blessed and creative day!


Thursday, September 20, 2012

Winged Angel

Hey everyone!!

I hope you are having a super day!! Well, I had the chance to play a little in my Art "studio" LOL. It was really nice to be able to just have some fun and do something "just because"...

I have a dear friend, Gigi, that sent me an email with a new (at least to me) technique that I wanted to try...and believe me...Gigi is an encourager **cough, cough** enabler **cough, cough** LOL!!!! Buuuutttttttt, I am thankful for her showing this to me!!! LOL

I played around with a file of mine to get the technique down...and then I played with an Angel that I got from Rob at ScrappyDew. I hope you will take the time to visit his shop...he has some awesome files and he sends out a freebie in his newsletter, HOW COOL IS THAT??!!!!????? His design team The Dewettes, does an amazing job showing off his fantastic files!!

Anywho... I took his Fall Angel file and played a little...I used my Silver Bullet Professional cutter that I got from Sherri at That's Scrap, Inc with my click blade holder, the 45 degree blade and my original holder with the 30 degree fabric blade (also from That's Scrap, Inc.) to cut the Angel and wings out. Used SCAL for the software to send the cut to my Silver Bullet...such an awesome combination!!!!!

For the White Card:
The Angel is cut from WorldWin ColorMates Smooth and Silky Cardstock that I purchased from Tyler at All That Jazz Supplies. This is an awesome card stock to cut...it cuts like a hot knife through butter...yum-my!!! The main card for the card base is Bazzill Swiss Dot 12x12...the wings are cut from basic white tissue and layered behind for the "feathery" look...I used this file as a Christmas Angel...the stamps I used (don't remember who made them - sorry) are some that I've had for a couple of years and I stamped them with VersaMark Ink and used Perfect Pearls over the ink and added some sticky back pearls from my stash to her dress and hair...sooooooo, here she is....
 what do you think??? Oh, the technique...sorry...it's cutting part of the image from the original card itself and then having the layers of tissue "popping" out from behind, so that it is a dimensional card!! LOL

I did another one, more in keeping with the "Fall Angel" theme originally intended for the file...same basic concept...I used SCAL again to send the cut to my Silver Bullet Professional cutter...used gold tissue for the wings, a basic shape in SCAL (leaf) and cut those from a coffee filter, colored those with distress inks, a pumpkin from basic shapes cut from orange mulberry paper, and various other papers from my stash...

wellllllll.....that's all for today!!!

So a great big THANK YOU to my friend, Gigi, for sharing this with me!!!!!

I thank you for stopping by and maybe, just maybe, you will visit again soon!!!

Until then, I hope you have a blessed and creative day!!!


Monday, September 17, 2012


Hi All!

I just wanted to let you know who the winner of the hop is, and since Penny tells it with such excitement and I thought I could never do any better...I copied it from her blog (with her permission, of course!!):

Sooooo.....I'm bbbbaaaccckkkkk.... ;)  But it's for HAPPY HAPPY news!!! We came to then end of our 2 week That's Scrap Fabric Blade Blog Hop....ended Saturday night at 11:59.......and we had lots of chatter and some entries........So then it came to decide on a winner........and weeeellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll......it was SO HARD TO DO!!!! So...just to show you JUST HOW AMAZING Sherri at That's Scrap Inc. is.....This is what she has done.........The winner is.......

The following people have been named

Gigi Gleason - No blog

Yeppers...You read that right...Sherri was SO impressed with what you ladies created with the Fabric Blade and your cutters that she refused to choose and named EACH OF YOU 1ST PLACE WINNERS......And for that would you like to know the prize!!!!!????  

EACH of you will receive a $25.00 Gift Certificate from 

How COOL is that!!! Yahoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo........CONGRATULATIONS LADIES!!!!!! And THANK YOU so much for participating in the blog hop!!!!!

Now if anyone would like to see their awesome creations you're most welcome to come on over to the Silver Bullet Cutters Facebook Page and take a look....... https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.221434287983851.47657.197911263669487&type=3  and you're also invited to join the Silver Bullet Face Book Page.
 Thanks for sharing in the excitement with us!!! And CONGRATULATIONS AGAIN ladies!!!!!  I want to THANK YOU for stopping by and wish you all a VERY blessed week!!!!
I want to add my congratulations to all four of you, you have done a fabulous job with your creations! Thank you for you participation!!

Thank you for stopping by and spending some time with me and I hope to see you again soon!
Wishing you a blessed and creative day!
Until later,


Monday, September 10, 2012

Looking for blood...

Hi all!

I hope everyone is enjoying the That's Scrap Inc. Fabric Blade blog hop! If you're looking for that post, click on the badge at the right and it will take you to it. 

Now for today's goodies...I have been playing around with a few things...trying to come up with a card for someone that LOVES Halloween!! I wanted to do something out of the ordinary...nothing cutesy here!

I started out cutting some basic shapes from SCAL (Sure Cuts A Lot) on my Silver Bullet Professional cutter that can be purchased from Sherri at That's Scrap, Inc. (SUCH an awesome machine, by the way)

I used the My Minds Eye Haunted 6x6 paper pad...really like this one, kinda modern but also has a slight retro feel as well. Layered those onto the front of the card and thought...ummm, well, what now?!? I wanted it to have a kinda creepy feel LOL...so this is where my journey to find some blood came from...

I wanted something on my card front that would look like actual blood...yeah, I know, I'm weird! I started playing with different things and low & behold...I MADE BLOOD!!!!!!!! bwahahahahaha...soooooo, I found that if you take these two ingredients
you can create something that looks amazingly real!!

I will share a few pics with you of some of the components that I'm thinking about using for the card I'm in the process of creating. I can't show the finished card, because I would like it to be a surprise for the recipients...
SEEEEEEEE.....it really looks like blood dripping down the card front!!!!! AND it will stay that way, doesn't flatten out and keeps looking like fresh, red blood! Can you tell I'm soooooo excited by this?!? I'm sure someone else has already figured this one out, but to me, it's all new!!!
He looks like he's just finished his dinner....BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
Like I said, it is an unfinished card...but I'm sure you get the idea. I just mixed, in an old nail polish bottle, some of the Triple Thick and a few drops of the Barn Door reinker, until I had the color I wanted and kinda dripped it onto the card in various places...and voila, instant bleeding card!

I'm also thinking about all of the different colors that could be made and what could be done with those!! I will have to play around some more...awwww, that's such a shame...HAVING to create...I guess I will have to put myself into crafting detention!! LOL

If you use this, I would really like to see your take on it! Send me pics or a link to a blog post. If you have any suggestions or comments, please leave them...I love getting feedback!

Thanks for stopping by and taking a few minutes out of your day to visit with me. I hope to see you again soon! I wish you a blessed and creative day!!!!!

Until later,

Saturday, September 1, 2012

That's Scrap - Fabric Blade Blog Hop

Hi all!

So glad you stopped by...if you have come from Elizabeth's blog, then you are on the right track. If you just happened here, then please start at Penny's blog because I really wouldn't want you to miss any of the fantastic creations that they are offering for inspiration!

We will be using our Silver Bullet Professional Cutters in combination with the 30 Degree Fabric Blade we obtained from Sherri at That's Scrap Inc. We felt it would be fun to use this not so well known blade...and give you some FUN ways it can be used to create cool projects!!! You can use whatever cutter you own...and if your blade holders use the Roland TYPE blades...the 30 Degree Fabric Blade should work in your holder... so you can play along. If you don't have your 30 Degree Fabric Blade from Sherri at That's Scrap Inc...head on over to her store and order yours so she can get it sent out to you and then get to having some FUN!

Each of the Bloggers (6 in all) have created their own project to offer inspiration for you to create a project and post on the Silver Bullet Facebook Page  for a chance to win a Gift Certificate to That's Scrap Inc.

Here's mine...are you ready...????


 Did ya know you could cut tissue paper??? Yep, yep, yep...it's fun to do as well!!

You will see from some of my pics that the colors look slightly different...no need to adjust your screen and NO, you aren't going color blind...teehee...I changed my mind on the colors and decided to go more traditional. So some pics have purple paper and some have green!

Now for the TON of pics...
The words and the solid ornament shape are cut from a text weight paper that has a sheen and texture, the gold is tissue (video after the pics) and the snowflake & ornament with the cutout are silver tissue paper.

Closer pics...

Now for the color change and card pics...


Okay...now for the technical parts...
Items I used:
1) 30 Degree Fabric Blade from Sherri at That's Scrap Inc 
2) Silver Bullet Professional Cutter also from Sherri with the original holder
3) Gold & Silver tissue paper
4) Various cardstock / text weight papers
5) spray adhesive
6) Glossy Accents
7) Transparency Sheet
8) Ribbon 
9) Lattice 24 File from Monica
10) Stickles - Stardust - by Ranger
11) Ornament file from me...download here
12) brayer

To cut the tissue paper, make sure to smooth it down onto your cutting mat. It's very important to have a good adhesion between the tissue and the mat. So after making sure that it is as smooth as possible, brayer it down. 

I used my Silver Bullet Professional cutter to cut all of the elements for my card. You can use whatever cutter you have, as long as it takes a Roland type blade it will use the 30 Degree Fabric Blade from Sherri. My settings were Velocity of 550 and Force of 25 for the tissue paper using the original holder and the fabric blade. (ornaments & lattice background)

I cut the text weight paper using a 45 Degree blade from Sherri and a Velocity of 700 Force of 53 with the original holder. (words and solid ornament) 

After a couple of failed attempts to adhere the tissue lattice background to the cardstock...my brain FINALLY kicked in...'bout time! Spray (lightly) the piece of cardstock that your tissue is going on with the spray adhesive. If you take the tissue lattice cutout, place it face up on the counter/table top and smooth a piece of transparency/acetate sheet over it, it will create a static cling effect, making it possible to transfer it rather smoothly onto your cardstock and Voila!!

Now it's your turn to play with the 30 Degree Fabric Blade and some tissue paper!! Create anything you would like, as long as you use the fabric blade, tissue paper and your cutter. 

Once you've completed your project(s) go on over to the Silver Bullet Facebook Page and post your entries into this photo album: That's Scrap Fabric Blade Blog Hop

Be sure to indicate which Blog you are submitting your creation from and your name!!! The Hop will continue for 2 weeks......Beginning September 1st......and ending September 15th with a winner being announced on September 16th! 

Remember, to be in the drawing: 
1) You must leave a comment on each blog 
2) You must complete at least 1 project  (your interpretations) 
3) You must post a photo of your completed project(s) in the Silver Bullet Facebook Photo Album

Good Luck!!!

Next blog on the hop is Rachellann...

Start Here - http://pennyduncancreations.blogspot.com
Elizabeth - http://shrinkingmimsy.blogspot.com/
Lisa Howell - http://mindovermattercreations.blogspot.com  <<<<<<<ME
Rachellann - http://www.rachellsmanycrafts.blogspot.com/
Rhonda - http://all-that-is-scrap.blogspot.com/
Mary Kobe - http://myspecialhideout.blogspot.com/

Thank you for taking some time out of your day to visit with me! I hope to see you again soon...

I wish you a blessed and creative day.

until later...

Thursday, August 9, 2012


Hi all!!

I hope everyone is having a great day!!

It's been raining here so much, that our chickens need rafts! teehee Maybe, just maybe, the weatherman is right and it's going to give us a break...but not until this weekend...UGHHHH! More rain today, tonight and tomorrow! This weekend is supposed to be HOT with no rain...which, where I live just translates into  STEAMY!!

Anywho...I joined an altered charm swap over at Ink Stains a month or so ago...the categories were general and Halloween (5 of each) and I should be receiving my return charms soon...can't wait!!! Mind you, I have never done anything just like this before...so of course, I just HAD to try BOTH...sheesh, what was I thinking!!! I had tons of fun, though!! Here are some pics of the charms I created...I won't get my own back, and didn't make one for myself, but that's completely okay with me...I have pics!

 Here is my "General Charm"
I took and old gift card, cut it up, added decorative papers and crackle medium along with some distressing inks and various stamped images, and used it for the main part of the charm The "vial" on there is a fuse that I colored the glass and stamped on it with solvent ink to make it look like it had a label and then wrapped silver wire around it to create a hanger. The whole concept of this was a perfume sample...I hope I accomplished it...LOL

This is my "Halloween charm"
For this one I printed a vintage graphic I found for free on the internet and a digi paper I purchased, layered those back to back between craft plastic, "soldered" the edges with pewter embossing powder, punched the holes and added the clasp and dangly parts.

This was really a ton of fun! I hope to do even more of this kind of thing...thinking about Christmas gifts now!

If you have stuck through here this long, then I truly appreciate you!!

I thank you for taking some time from you busy day to stop by for a few and I hope to see you again soon!!

I pray you have a blessed and creative day!

Until later,


Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Silver Bullet Pro vs Black Cat Lynx - Comparison Video

Hi all,

Is everyone having as much fun as I am???? I'm having a total blast with my new cutter, the Silver Bullet Professional ...Oh my, this is a fun machine!!! It has been a dream to set up and use...the packaging presentation is just as impressive as the machine itself...LOL!!! 

I have a comparison video that I have done, between the Silver Bullet Professional and the Black Cat Lynx...it is about a 10 minute video, but I wanted to do a comparison that shows the difference in the 2 machines. The video is unedited, and this was done on purpose, so that you will know that I have NOT changed any settings without it being shown on there, and I have also compared them on equal settings and then their max speed / velocity settings...to show the difference in them. This is an honest comparison, and I believe if you watch the whole thing and listen to the sounds of the machines, you will see that I have been fair in my comparison.

It's true what everyone is saying about this machine, you just FEEL / SENSE the difference. And when you make that first cut, oh my, it's smooth like silk and you can feel the sleek, understated power contained within...just waiting to be released with the touch of a button.

I'm sure you will see a lot more projects coming from me using the Silver Bullet Professional...LOL...

I thank you for stopping by today, and if you would like to leave a comment, please do so! I hope you will stop by again soon...

I wish you a blessed and creative day!!

Until later...


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Silver Bullet Pro

Yippee...a new addition to the cutting world...the Silver Bullet Pro...this is one "blow your socks off" machine!!

I have had the Lynx for a little over a year now, and have loved it! It is still a terrific machine, buuuuttttttt, the power, speed and quietness of the Silver Bullet Pro is beyond belief and the cuts are so fantastic and precise that it is impossible to accurately describe!!!

Here are a few pics of a cut done with my Lynx at a velocity (speed) of 500 and 600 and the Silver Bullet Pro at a velocity of 600. All of the cuts used the same 45 degree blade in the original holder, SCAL (Sure Cuts A Lot) and Co'ordinations Cardstock. On the Lynx I used red card and the Silver Bullet Pro I used green card. I only used different colored papers, so that I wouldn't get them mixed up...but I REALLY didn't need to...there is NO comparison in the quality of the cuts...but I will let you see for yourself!! 
This file was cut at a size of  3.718W x 3.866H and has cuts that are less than 1mm wide!!!

Now...just how cool is that??

If you want to see some AWESOME videos on the Silver Bullet Pro...visit my friend, Penny Duncan, take a look around on her blog, watch the videos and drool (like me) over her fabulous creations!

I have another friend that has done some phenomenal cuts and engraving with her 24" Silver Bullet Pro...you have got to go check out Rachell's blog and get a look at those SHOES!!!

I thank you for stopping by and spending a few with me and sharing in this exciting news! I hope you will return soon.

I wish you a blessed and creative day...
until later,