Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Silver Bullet Pro vs Black Cat Lynx - Comparison Video

Hi all,

Is everyone having as much fun as I am???? I'm having a total blast with my new cutter, the Silver Bullet Professional ...Oh my, this is a fun machine!!! It has been a dream to set up and use...the packaging presentation is just as impressive as the machine itself...LOL!!! 

I have a comparison video that I have done, between the Silver Bullet Professional and the Black Cat Lynx...it is about a 10 minute video, but I wanted to do a comparison that shows the difference in the 2 machines. The video is unedited, and this was done on purpose, so that you will know that I have NOT changed any settings without it being shown on there, and I have also compared them on equal settings and then their max speed / velocity settings...to show the difference in them. This is an honest comparison, and I believe if you watch the whole thing and listen to the sounds of the machines, you will see that I have been fair in my comparison.

It's true what everyone is saying about this machine, you just FEEL / SENSE the difference. And when you make that first cut, oh my, it's smooth like silk and you can feel the sleek, understated power contained within...just waiting to be released with the touch of a button.

I'm sure you will see a lot more projects coming from me using the Silver Bullet Professional...LOL...

I thank you for stopping by today, and if you would like to leave a comment, please do so! I hope you will stop by again soon...

I wish you a blessed and creative day!!

Until later...

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