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That's Scrap - Fabric Blade Blog Hop

Hi all!

So glad you stopped by...if you have come from Elizabeth's blog, then you are on the right track. If you just happened here, then please start at Penny's blog because I really wouldn't want you to miss any of the fantastic creations that they are offering for inspiration!

We will be using our Silver Bullet Professional Cutters in combination with the 30 Degree Fabric Blade we obtained from Sherri at That's Scrap Inc. We felt it would be fun to use this not so well known blade...and give you some FUN ways it can be used to create cool projects!!! You can use whatever cutter you own...and if your blade holders use the Roland TYPE blades...the 30 Degree Fabric Blade should work in your holder... so you can play along. If you don't have your 30 Degree Fabric Blade from Sherri at That's Scrap Inc...head on over to her store and order yours so she can get it sent out to you and then get to having some FUN!

Each of the Bloggers (6 in all) have created their own project to offer inspiration for you to create a project and post on the Silver Bullet Facebook Page  for a chance to win a Gift Certificate to That's Scrap Inc.

Here's mine...are you ready...????


 Did ya know you could cut tissue paper??? Yep, yep,'s fun to do as well!!

You will see from some of my pics that the colors look slightly need to adjust your screen and NO, you aren't going color blind...teehee...I changed my mind on the colors and decided to go more traditional. So some pics have purple paper and some have green!

Now for the TON of pics...
The words and the solid ornament shape are cut from a text weight paper that has a sheen and texture, the gold is tissue (video after the pics) and the snowflake & ornament with the cutout are silver tissue paper.

Closer pics...

Now for the color change and card pics...

tadaa!!! for the technical parts...
Items I used:
1) 30 Degree Fabric Blade from Sherri at That's Scrap Inc 
2) Silver Bullet Professional Cutter also from Sherri with the original holder
3) Gold & Silver tissue paper
4) Various cardstock / text weight papers
5) spray adhesive
6) Glossy Accents
7) Transparency Sheet
8) Ribbon 
9) Lattice 24 File from Monica
10) Stickles - Stardust - by Ranger
11) Ornament file from here
12) brayer

To cut the tissue paper, make sure to smooth it down onto your cutting mat. It's very important to have a good adhesion between the tissue and the mat. So after making sure that it is as smooth as possible, brayer it down. 

I used my Silver Bullet Professional cutter to cut all of the elements for my card. You can use whatever cutter you have, as long as it takes a Roland type blade it will use the 30 Degree Fabric Blade from Sherri. My settings were Velocity of 550 and Force of 25 for the tissue paper using the original holder and the fabric blade. (ornaments & lattice background)

I cut the text weight paper using a 45 Degree blade from Sherri and a Velocity of 700 Force of 53 with the original holder. (words and solid ornament) 

After a couple of failed attempts to adhere the tissue lattice background to the brain FINALLY kicked in...'bout time! Spray (lightly) the piece of cardstock that your tissue is going on with the spray adhesive. If you take the tissue lattice cutout, place it face up on the counter/table top and smooth a piece of transparency/acetate sheet over it, it will create a static cling effect, making it possible to transfer it rather smoothly onto your cardstock and Voila!!

Now it's your turn to play with the 30 Degree Fabric Blade and some tissue paper!! Create anything you would like, as long as you use the fabric blade, tissue paper and your cutter. 

Once you've completed your project(s) go on over to the Silver Bullet Facebook Page and post your entries into this photo album: That's Scrap Fabric Blade Blog Hop

Be sure to indicate which Blog you are submitting your creation from and your name!!! The Hop will continue for 2 weeks......Beginning September 1st......and ending September 15th with a winner being announced on September 16th! 

Remember, to be in the drawing: 
1) You must leave a comment on each blog 
2) You must complete at least 1 project  (your interpretations) 
3) You must post a photo of your completed project(s) in the Silver Bullet Facebook Photo Album

Good Luck!!!

Next blog on the hop is Rachellann...

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Thank you for taking some time out of your day to visit with me! I hope to see you again soon...

I wish you a blessed and creative day.

until later...


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Elizabeth said...

This is so cool, Lisa! I can't believe that I can cut tissue paper. So many possiblilities are running through my mind. Fabulous tip on using the acetate as a transfer medium!

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Retta said...

As always, a wonderful video and project. I can't wait to try this. I'm not sure if I will get it done for the hop, but will try. Thanks for inspiring us. This is just lovely!!! Thanks you so much for the inspiration!

MichelleMyBelle said...

OMG, this is so elegant looking. Can't believe it is tissue paper!! Love it!

Unknown said...

Beautiful card. I would have never thought to use tissue paper. Great tutorial.

Lucy said...

Wow I would never have thought of cutting tissue paper on my Cougar - I'd have expected this to tear too badly - can't wait to try this!

Anonymous said...

I love it Lisa!!!! You are so creative!!!! Thanks for sharing with us!

CeCeCreates said...

I love this Lisa. This is the project I am attempting to do!