Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Easter Card...as promised...LOL

Hello Everyone!

I'm back again, I promised...didn't forget...I did it! I remembered to take pics of my Easter card when I finished...and to post about it!! Ha - betcha' thought I would forget...LOL

It hasn't been but a couple of days since my last post, so not that much has happened different than before...LOL...bet you're glad, too.

I did want to tell you that I totally cased this card from Pinterest...you know, that place we're all hooked on...the one where once you go there you're addicted...and you lose track of time, I mean, like really lose track...hours will be missing from your day, suddenly you will wake up from a fog and realize that you have no idea what time it is. Well, that's the place that I saw something similar to this card. I just changed the candles for crosses and used an arched window file from Monica Bjork's blog. She has some of the most amazing files and they cut like a dream on my Silver Bullet Pro! I changed the shape (slightly) to one of the arch/window files and added the crosses, to make it feel more like Easter. Cut it out, along with a branch file I made, and the little flowers are a SCAL basic shape...just really tiny...and my Silver Bullet Pro cut everything out GREAT!

The card base is white, the background on the front is a deep purple misted with a shimmer spray that I make, the arch is gold, branches are green and the flowers are pink and white. On the inside I have a printed bible verse and cut it out in a framed shape using the print and cut in SCAL on my SBP. That is layered onto a white piece of card with the same shimmer spray used on the purple on the front.

Let me know what you think...

I thank you for stopping by today and spending some time with me and I hope you will come again soon.

Wishing you a blessed and creative day!

Until later,



Diane said...


Lisa Howell said...

Thank you, Diane!

Crafting Crumbs said...

Oh Lisa - that is just gorgeous. Love the colors and everything about it.

MichelleMyBelle said...

What a beautiful card! Sometimes it's difficult to create a religious card. I love this!

Lisa Howell said...

Thank you, my dear.

Lisa Howell said...

Thanks, it's about the 3rd or 4th idea I had...and luckily this one worked! LOL I have "pieces of cards" laying all over my desk. ;0)