Friday, January 25, 2013

Vintage...Shabby... or Vintage Shabby

Hey Ya'll!

I hope everyone has recovered from the Holiday Season! I've been pretty busy with "family and friend" types of things... but I have been in my ArtRoom to play just a little. And it has been soooo much fun - I forget how much I truly miss creating! (until I have to take a break for a while **cough-cough** ummm, I mean my mojo leaves and it finally comes back) I have a deep need to create.

Here are a few things I have been working on - I won't go into detail on them, but it has been a blast making them! I hope you enjoy...

I think I'm discovering a new style that I have - or maybe have always had - but I now have a name for!! (Thanks Penny - LOL) Introducing my style...Vintage Shabby 

I think I like making look out, if you are on my "gift list" for any might just end up with something along these lines! LOL

I thank you for stopping by for a few and hope you will do so again really soon!

I pray you have a blessed and creative day!

Until later,



Crafting Crumbs said...

Lisa -

Those are exquisitely beautiful. I love all of the detail and the love you clearly put into every element. Vintage Shabby looks good on you!

allandra42 said...

Lisa very pretty!! I love them.

G.I. said...

Vintage Shabby suits you, this mini is gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Oh Girl...those are all SO GORGEOUS!!! I love all of your detail!!!! They are each so beautiful!!!