Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Spika the Mermaid

It's that time again...the Simply Betty Facebook Fan Page Challenge...

Betty so generously gives a digi stamp each month for the challenge. You have to be a fan of the page in order to receive it and there are rules that apply.

Well, this month's theme is Good vs. Evil. It is a choice between mermaids...Roxie the Good Mermaid and Spika the Bad Mermaid!  You have to reflect the "character" of your chosen mermaid in your project.

I guess you can tell which I chose!! LOL

I printed Spika out on my Cryogen White card that I purchased from Patricia at Paper Temptress - she's got superb pricing and fantastic customer support - go check her out! (Matter of fact...I need to place another order! LOL)

Then I did a contour cut (also know as print & cut) with my Silver Bullet Professional Cutter, colored her with my mixed bag of alcohol markers and decided that she needed to "look" like she was caught for a crime...so I used a black & white striped paper as the background - to simulate the bars of a jail - and placed some seaweed around her, also cut with my SBP. I then knew that she had to have a weapon for her "crime" and thought what better than a trident?? So, I cut one of those as well...placed a little "blood" on the tips and on her hand...there was no denying her crime! Guilty as charged!!

LOL - this was a really fun one to play with, so I hope you like my rendition.

Well, that's it for today!

I hope you all have a blessed and creative day and will stop by again really soon!


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